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Tips for Buying Defibrillators

Defibrillators are small machines that can be used to save a life when someone suffers from an unexpected cardiac arrest, and they can be used even by people who have no medical knowledge. They are extraordinary machines since they can be kept anywhere including health centers, schools, supermarkets, and malls. For this reason, almost all business are purchasing defibrillators with several brands to choose from. With the many models in the market, you face an uphill task finding one that suits your business. You, therefore, need to have several guiding factors that will lead you to see options available. By checking out this page, you can find the details to check on when buying an AED.

You should consider the ease of use. When you encounter a situation where a defibrillator can be of help, it can be stressful and chaotic, and that is why a defibrillator needs to give clear and easy to follow instructions. The instructions should be both clear audios and visual to ensure that anyone can provide CPR even if they have no previous medical training.

You should consider the accessories it comes with. You should buy a defibrillator that is supplied with all the accessories that ensure its proper functionality. Carry bags, electrodes and batteries are just some of the accessories you need. Without these accessories, it may cost you make to get a functional defibrillator. Some accessories are also sold separately so that you can replace them easily if your machine gets used.

Also think about the people it is going to be used on. This is important as it will help you be age-considerate as you cannot use an adult AED in a school or a place where most of the people are children. There are some AEDs that are compatible with both children and adults and a switch or key is used to change to pediatric mode.

Decide if you are going to buy a semi-automated defibrillator of if you want a fully automated one. However, before you chose one, make sure you know all the differences between the two. Fully automated AEDs will shock a patient automatically if they need one while the semi-automated ones need a button to be pushed. Even though automated AEDs are easier to use, they all function in the same way.

You can always run a basic internet search with tags such as ‘defibrillator for sale‘ to find the companies that sale defibrillators close to you. You could also save money by buying refurbished aed.

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