This May Take Some Time to Finish

This may take some time to finish, especially since the Turkish government seems to be involved in the project. I have been hanging out in hotel lobby waiting around for something to happen and it looks a lot like that is not ever going to happen. In truth I have been doing my paperwork and working on a side project for an old friend of mine. At any rate I actually killed some time making bets on something that was called a casino siteleri. This guy I met there showed me how to do that, he was a lot more intensely involved in it than I was. At first I made a mistake and it turned out that I had bet five euros on Afghanistan in a cricket match. I know that cricket exists and I have seen people play it, although I had no clue that you could bet on Afghanistan in it or anything else. Apparently the other team was a lot worse than they were at cricket, I think that it was some other small South Asian country.

At any rate this is terribly boring, I did some exploring and wound up in the middle of a protest. It had something to do with the Kurds, who are treated horribly by everyone in this region and apparently by our government as well. At any rate I got disoriented in the process of running like the devil was chasing me. It was lucky for me that the phone could tell me how to get back to some place that I sort of recognized. I did find a rather good kebab shop, although that does not seem to be a difficult task here. It is like finding a hot dog cart in the heart of New York City to be honest.